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January 11, 2005


Gentle Evening Thoughts

In the solitude within the late night, dimly-lit atmosphere of home, I worked diligently to complete my parts of overall strategies to quietly help resolve the suffering impact of conflicting organizational perspectives reaching as high as critical areas within the formally established mission of a unique and internationally renowned research university. Throughout these efforts, my thoughts periodically returned to some of my own interpersonal experiences during the day, and slowly the words to clarify those experiences began to emerge.

As growing awareness emerged, my admiration in turn deeped for the welcoming acceptance of uncertainty as a crucial element of the path leading to a sense of compassionate understanding. Embracing the value of a solid recognition of uncertainty is enhanced by a capacity to tolerate the feelings of anxiety, or fears of possessing potentially inadequate resourses to master the challenge, which are aroused by the inevitably constituent amiguities characterizing our initial perceptions of concepts that others so easily reify or accept as realities.

This perspective made immense contributions today in reciprocally mutual, open therapeutic discussions with adolescents during the day that touched upon significant developmental issues and the dialectical nature of a number of concerns, which included (among others) the open expression of affectionate feelings, strivings of a sense of independence and autonomy and sexual identity.

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