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May 26, 2005


Stephen Wiltshire: A Marvelous Gift

Stephen Wiltshire: San Francisco by Night
Yesterday, I was thinking of an adolescent young man (diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome) with whom I work and about how richly human and brilliant he is. At the same time, I reminisced about how reciprocally warm and affectionate our relationship has been during the time we have known each other.

Later that night, thoughts about Steven Wiltshire (born 1974) came to mind. Wiltshire is an accomplished architectural artist who has been diagnosed with an autistic spectrum distorder. Wiltshire's work has been the subject of many television documentaries; neurologist Oliver Sacks praised his artistic work in the chapter 'Prodigies' in his book "An Anthropoligist on Mars."

Stephen Wiltshire's published art books have included "Cities" (1989), "Floating Cities (1991) and "Stephen Wiltshire's American Dream" (1993).

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