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July 21, 2005


Power and Corruption

Corrupt Power and The Scapegoat

This brief commentary describes how those involved in a corrupt pursuit of power abuse those who question the ideology of a regime or institution. In the corrupt pursuit of power (often by those lacking a capacity for a real depth of knowledge), those involved in an addiction to power often become the "tattle-tale" who try to get away with the most disgusting maneuvers by secretly trying to pin things on their scapegoat(s). Their social attributes become manipulation, whispering, pretense and subterfuge in their attempts to capture the bull of insitutional power.

There is a broader historical, cultural tradition of totalitarian powers, where ideas have been presented as absolute in all of those regimes. As the regimes became looser and more corrupt, those who disagreed have been consistently ostracized through secretive personal and social sanctions.

One is faced with the tragic loss of freedom and personhood, while surrendering oneself to the corrupt power-seeker and his lifeless ideological script. It is all another version of knowingly abusive, calculated "Soul Murder."

Fortunately, the corrupt personality of the secretively abusive powerseeker ultimately dooms his own efforts, as sociopathology veers toward becoming the psychopath who, inevitably caught, is relegated to living in the sewers of his own garbage and never able to grasp the reins of power directly.

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