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November 22, 2005


New Meanings: An Advance in Relational Theory

Meaning and Metaphor
snow on mountain top
melts, gives rise to new plant life
death makes room for life

night comes, sleep arrives
depart from many harsh truths

and wake up renewed

I. Introduction.

From the very beginning, the major context of the commentaries that have been presented has been that the meanings conveyed within the reflective thoughts in the discussions would reflect a sense that powerful surprise, the shock of recognition, underscored the emergence of unformulated experiences into explicit meaning. An associated context was that the commentaries would be composed in a manner that included an awareness of subtle meanings related to persecution and the art of writing. That context is significantly deeper and more complex than the more simple attempt to maintain "anonymity."

At a manifest level, the commentaries focussed upon social and cultural topics, historical issues, brilliant and/or eccentric personalities, and reflective thoughts about personal experiences. The first discussion was entitled Gentle Evening Thoughts, which can now be understood as the prelude to a Beginning. The last commentary concluded with a notation that Joan Didion's new book, A Year of Magical Thinking, had just received the 2005 National Book Award. From one perspective, writing and the process of publication come to an end after receiving a highly pretigious award, since at that point a book takes on a life of its own. Consequently, the previous discussion represented an Ending.

Therefore, it is now possible to consider the commentaries presented from the first posting to the last one as metaphors, specifically symbolic representations of a new psychoanalytic model that contributes a considerable advancement to contemporary relational theory and practice. This advancement may, in many ways, be considered a bold transformation of the most progressive reational theory, dialectical social-constructivism.

The discussions to come will begin with a re-examination of the first posting, followed by unpacking the subsequent postings. At times, the discussions will include (sequentially) more than one posting, for example when they represent various aspects of the same technical topic being considered. It will be an arduous odyessy, but one that I hope will be a valuable and enriching one. The process leading to my understanding of this endeavor has been extensive and strenous; it has taught me well that patience is a considerable personal attribute.

The journey begins.

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