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December 12, 2005


Alone: A Little Night Coffee

Night Coffee

I've been reflecting upon the project that was begun here recently, i.e., to review the postings from the earliest to the most recent, in terms of their underlying reference to contemporary relational theory. The structure of that undertaking was, however, flawed. Specifically, to have the most recent discussions focus sequentially upon the earliest commentaries is inherently confusing.

The most coherent manner in which this plan can be carried out, it seems, is to produce it as a separate monograph online, which can be accessed by a prominent link from this page. The Preface for this monograph will be available shortly.

In the meantime, a "thought-teaser":

Did you know that Lewis Carroll ("Alice in Wonderland") was also a Lecturer in Mathematics at Oxford University, as well as being a lay magician? Here is a puzzle that he created, which is also a metaphor for the very confusion that I faced (created?) when using a series proceeding from the present to describe a series proceeding from a beginning.

He called it a "syzynergy" or "yoke." It consists of beginning with one word, taking out a consecutive set of letters from that word & adding new letters to form a new word, doing the process again (and again) until one ends up with the (seeming) opposite of the first word.



I'll be back in a bit.

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