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May 20, 2006


Bush in Grief: Dumb and Dumber

A Very, Very Sad President Bush
I have been trying to restrain myself from poking at President Bush with jokes about his periodic (?) lapses of wisdom, but this particular one is just too hilarious not too pass along:

Dick Cheney came into the Oval Ofice one morning this past week to give President Bush his daily briefing on the previous day's events in Iraq. "Mr. President," Cheney began, "I have very good news about yesterday's progress in Iraq. Our puppet government is still standing, and Condi Rice managed to get out of the country alive."

"Wonnerful, wonnerful," Bush replied sleepily, still munching away on his breakfast muffin.

"There's only one small, rather unpleasant event to report," Cheney continued. "Three Brazillians were attacked or killed just outside of Baghdad"

"THREE BRAZILLIANS!!!" Bush exclaimed. Then, with a deep sense of grief, his body slumped over and his head drooped onto the desk. Then, slowly looking up at Cheney with an immense sense of sadness, he quietly asked, "Dick, tell me, err..I mean remind me, three brazillians… just how many zillions is that??

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