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May 16, 2006


HOPE Redux: On Confronting Terrors

The Restoration of Hope
Securing the Safe Haven:

I was quite tempted to write a structured review of the musical piece that is opening now. Instead, I just hope that you'll take notice of the music that’s playing, enjoying how it seems to emerge almost simultaneously from a near-silent landscape of nowhere, somewhere, anywhere and everywhere. Perhaps these unusually relaxing sounds might encourage you to feel comfortable and stay awhile, listening as you read, reading as you listen. I would be very pleased if it does.

Gliding from non-melodic to immersive melodic waves, moving forward or towards one (or you) with a certain discrete, almost quiet sense of calm. Soaring confidently, yet carefully between the equally dissatisfying realms of either elaborately creative illusion and fantasy; or a tyrannical pre-occupation with the transitory nature of physical existence, leaving one exhausted by a depletion of reality.

This gentle touch of balance might be considered as one element of the sense of transformative hope. Not the greedy sense of primitive of hope for the wrong things, but rather a constructive and progressive sense of hope.

It is the hope born of patience, the hope of Pandora’s box, the hope buried beneath greed, vanity, slander, envy and the myriad other sinister forces of human experiences, but which manages to break free with promises of inspiration in the face of suffering.

Strong feelings of pessimism may understandably arise from the imagination of and concerns about the potential dangers and malignant forces of domination that were suggested in my previous two discussions. In the face of those perils, we are encouraged to turn once again toward the solace and resolution that can be provided by a renewed sense of hope.

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