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May 08, 2006


"The Time 100": Some of Theirs and Some of Mine

A Short-List of Nine:

Time Magazine recently published its 2006 list of The 100 Most Influential Personalities. The following list is an abbreviated one, which includes some personalities that I think were the best choices made this year by Time Magazine. This list also includes some personalities who, I feel, by their own right deserve a similar recognition. So, the somewhat customized list presented here includes (pictured from top to bottom):

1. Hillary Clinton.
2. Studs Terkel. Also see Terkel's Commemorative Site.
3. Paul Simon.
4. Ellen DeGeneres.
5. Barrack Obama.
6. Bono
7. Clinton and Bush.
8. Minnie Minoso.

And awarding the last position on my list to the increasingly unanimous choice for the most ineffectual personality of the year, shall we say quite sadly:

9. Mr. Bush, in his habitually embarrassing and befuddled state

Studs Terkel

Paul Simon

Ellen DeGeneres

Barrack Obama


Clinton and Bush

Minnie Minoso

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