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June 03, 2006


Massacres in Iraq

Evidence begins to accumulate that appears to support charges that U. S. troops deliberately shot and killed 11 people, including children and an elderly grandmother, in the town of Ishaqui (Iraq) in March 2006. The U. S. had previously stated that only four people had died, and the event earlier had been described as only a standard military operation.

The new allegations have come in the wake of the alleged massacre in Haditha (Iraq), where U. S. marines are suspected of killing up to 24 Iraqi civilians in November 2005 and of covering up the deaths.

A spokesman for U. S. forces in Iraq has stated that an inquiry is under way. The incident is being investigated by the Pentagon.

Difficult to view these without wanting to shout- STOP IT! Please- you are killing us. Youare killing the US. We were such a great power- I do suppose it is our turn to fall. I just dislike being associated with a country that would act like this. I do hope we wake up from this nightmare.

Thanks for your comment. I doubt that our administration wants to wake up. Note that President Bush's response now is to shift the media focus away from these Iraq events to the the gay-marriage issue, formally beginning his campaign for the Consititutional amendment tomorrow. And a focus upon judicial appointments will be his next diversionary tactic.

Just a coincidence, right?
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