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July 03, 2006


Happy Independence Day: Heartlifting Comments from Andrew Sullivan

I hope that readers found my earlier article that celebrated the courage of Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens and underscored the pivotal importance of the Hamdan decision to be of some value. Along this same line, Andrew Sullivan posted a brief note this morning on The Daily Dish for his readers. Sullivan's note is, in itself, a "4th of July" gift:

The De-Throning of King George

My reflections on the Hamdan decision in the Sunday Times of London are here. Money quote:

"America is not in essence a geographical entity. When it was founded, it occupied a fraction of the land it now does. Nor is it defined by an ethnic group or a royal line. Its core is essentially a piece of paper, a written constitution, a formal set of procedures designed, before everything else, to protect individual liberty. At the heart of that liberty is the right to a fair trial and the insistence that nobody — especially not the president — can take that away."

Happy Independence Day. It came early this year.

And from Me to Sullivan: Sometimes You Are Just the Best!

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