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November 05, 2006


TODAY'S DAILY SCOOP: November 5, 2006


Solitude and Hope is a constantly updated resource for links to important news and entertainment events, as well as to displays of important photographic works. Some of the links will be to my companion website, Et Cetera: Publick and Privat Curiosities, which has rapidly gained a large audience in the blogger world.

Et Cetera presents thoughtful discussions of emerging news events, political commentary, discussions of the need to protect our basic human rights and promote greater acceptance of diversity. An eclectic site, it also presents humorous postings, as wells as important photographic slideshows and links to unique multi-media presentations.

Enjoy, learn and visit here frequently for new stuff all of the time!!!


Saddam Hussein Verdict: Sentenced to Death by Hanging...See Video of Verdict Being Announced...

Neoconservatives Strongly Reject President Bush and His Republican Administration's Iraq War Policies....

Politically Powerful National Association of Evangelicals Rocked by Sex and Drug Scandal...Religious Group Has Strong Ties to White House...See Videos....

Brad Pitt Shocked with VANITY FAIR Publication of Semi-Nude Photographs...

Hannah Arendt: Commemorating a Life in Exile

Hot, Hot Beefcake for a Cause: The 2007 America's Heroes Calendar!!

Young People Getting Tired of MySpace...Moving On to Other Sites

New Jersey Court Rules That Marriage Statutes Protect Same-Sex Couples

Pablo Picasso: Happy Birthday!

Major Talent Agency Now Looking for New Stars from Internet Websites!!

Free Wonderful Computer Applications for You: On-Line and to Download

A Video History of YouTube

Bush Faces Political Nightmare...

Obama Comes Home as a Star...

Losing the Idea of America...

Sex Scandals Dominate Midterm Elections!!!

U. S. Senator Barak Obama's new book, The Audacity of Hope, hits bookstore shelves with glowing reviews...

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